Mojo hair

Matt Denton (“Mojo”) has been producing, creating, mixing and mastering rock and heavy rock music for over a decade.

After an early career as a drummer, he has released multiple albums, EPs, and singles as his solo hard rock project Mojo’s Army before collaborating on the internet-based heavy metal group The Answer is None, which he mixed and co-produced.

Mojo also co-hosts the Indie Music Podcast and runs a weekly Twitter chat called the DIY Music Chat under his music moniker @mojosarmy, encouraging and advising the independent music community.

Mojo’s goal is to make your music sound its absolute best! Contact us today to discuss your project or request a free mastering sample!


Matt is incredibly patient throughout the mastering process; he asks questions, listens, and provides feedback to make sure the end product meets the artistic vision that’s in my head. And I greatly appreciate Matt’s critical ear to help me create music that I am truly proud of.– Troy Adams, Dig Me Under & The Answer is None

Matt was very patient when mixing my songs. He asked questions, listened to my feedback, and worked with me on tweaking little things here and there. He did revisions and even made some creative suggestions, which were spot on! — Stevie Caldwell, And Then There Was One

Matt was able to center the vocals with a clean presence, removing the clutter. He was able to really bring out the piano at key moments, and the bass was no longer drowned out by drums. Currently, I have a finished product I’m proud to present to listeners and various organizations. — Nene, 3RD Season